By John M Quick

The R Tutorial Series provides a collection of user-friendly tutorials to people who want to learn how to use R for statistical analysis.

My Statistical Analysis with R book is available from Packt Publishing and Amazon.

R Beginner's Guide Book Update 4/28/2010

Update: Statistical Analysis with R is now available!

I am writing to update you on the progress of my R Beginner's Guide book, which is to be published through Packt. I have really gotten to work over the past couple months and have recently completed the first draft of the first half of the book. Right now, I am operating a few weeks ahead of our planned schedule, which calls for the first draft of all ten chapters by mid-August.

To give you an idea of its content, the book focuses on most of the topics covered in this blog as well as many more, such as data visualization, custom functions, and online resources. The topics are covered in great depth and numerous opportunities for practice and exploration are offered. The book's theme centers around the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. The reader takes on the role of the lead strategist for the Shu kingdom at a pivotal point in history. Throughout the book, the reader uses R to help devise a course of action for the Shu forces.

I will continue to make steady progress on this book over the summer months. I am also excited to be able to share more R tutorials and knowledge in the near future through this project.

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