By John M Quick

The R Tutorial Series provides a collection of user-friendly tutorials to people who want to learn how to use R for statistical analysis.

My Statistical Analysis with R book is available from Packt Publishing and Amazon.

R Beginner's Guide Book Update 10/1/2010

Update: Statistical Analysis with R is now available!

I recently submitted the final drafts of all chapters of my R Beginner's Guide book, which is to be published through Packt. The official publishing timeline is set to December 2010, although the book may release ahead of schedule if all continues to go well. Below is an updated list of the major topics covered in the R Beginner's Guide.

Over the course of this book, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Conduct organized data analyses in R
  • Communicate data analyses conducted in R
  • Generate, customize, and export detailed charts, plots, and graphs
  • Build your own custom data visualizations
  • Program in the R language
  • Create your own custom functions
  • Extend the functionality of R via external packages
  • Manage the R workspace and console
  • Import external data into R
  • Manipulate data using variables
  • Execute a wide array of multi-argument and variable-argument functions
  • Develop and employ predictive regression models
  • Assess the practical and statistical significance of predictions
  • Understand R, its benefits, and how to use it to maximize the impact of your data analyses

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