By John M Quick

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Singleton Remover CSV v0.3

I created a small program called Singleton Remover CSV to help researchers process files quickly that might otherwise take a long time to be handled by hand. The program simply compares ID values given in the first two columns of a .csv file, saves any matching rows, and discards the rest.

Originally, the program was made to support a specific use case in bioinformatics operational taxonomic unit (OTU) analysis. Essentially, a researcher could provide a list of desired OTUs for preservation in the first column of a .csv file and a full collection of OTUs in the second with any associated data in the following columns. Singleton Remover CSV will return a .csv file that only contains data associated with the desired OTUs.

However, the program is potentially useful for anyone who needs to reduce a dataset through comparing IDs in a similar manner. Therefore, I made Singleton Remover CSV free to use with the full source available from GitHub. The program is available as an Adobe Air installer and as a .fla that can be compiled with Adobe Flash CS5 or higher.

Download Singleton Remover CSV from GitHub


  1. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not seeing why this is useful for R users, especially when we have the %in% operator that is quite useful for subsetting.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      It would be helpful if you shared an example with us for how this process could be completed identically using %in%. The GitHub repository includes a test csv file that you could use.